Before / After Treatments

Amanda  3D Hair Stroke Brow

Amanda 3D Hair Stroke Brow

Amanda came to City Chic to create a flawless and natural look for her wedding day. Amanda's eyebrows were sparse and barely visible due...

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Vikki  Lip Enhancement

Vikki Lip Enhancement

Vikki came to City Chic as she had some slight asymmetry on the upper left edge of her top lip along with the right of her bottom lip...

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Nicola  Eyeliner Enhancement

Nicola Eyeliner Enhancement

Nicola arrived at City Chic seeking an effective solution to her allergies of conventional make-up brands. Applying conventional make-up...

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Deborah  3D Hair Stroke Brow

Deborah 3D Hair Stroke Brow

After having a negative experience of permanent cosmetics in the past Deborah came to City Chic looking to have her previous treatments corrected...

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Julia  3D Hair Stroke Brow

Julia 3D Hair Stroke Brow

Julia's eyebrows were very sparse, lacked definition and also had some slight symmetry issues. Julia came to City Chic to obtain a stronger arch...

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Teresa  3D Hair Stroke Brow

Teresa 3D Hair Stroke Brow

Teresa came to City Chic for refined and natural looking eyebrows as unfortunately she had very little hair growth and therefore her eyebrows...

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