Eyeliner Enhancement (Eyeliner Tattoo)

Would you like to get up in the morning, and not worry about finding the time to apply your make-up? Well now you can. With City Chic Permanent Eyeliner Enhancement treatment you can gain that natural definition perfect for every occasion, expertly applied and truly smudge-proof.

Whether you choose to opt for our permanent eyeliner enhancement treatment to achieve a more wide-eyed and youthful look, or to create a flattering frame for your favourite feature, we can help. Some clients choose to opt for semi-permanent make-up because they find traditional eyeliner tricky to apply, or suffer allergies to common eye make-up brands.

The eyes can be the first thing that people notice about your face. By accentuating your eyes with City Chic Permanent Eyeliner Enhancement your whole face can appear more attractive, in a way that is so subtle and natural few will guess what your new beauty secret is.

Eyeliner Enhancement (Eyeliner Tattoo)  

The process is very simple. Make an appointment with one of our consultants, who will help you to choose a flattering shade and discuss the desired effect. Our consultants are fully qualified, meaning you can be confident that they will create an effect that leaves you looking fresh and poised at all times.

Juggling the demands of everyday life can often leave little time to make those finishing touches when applying your cosmetics, particularly eye make-up, which is notoriously fiddly and difficult to apply. At City Chic we are passionate about helping you feel confident, beautiful, and ready to face the world, without the mess and fuss.

Our stay perfect permanent eyeliner can be adapted to the look you want, whether you're looking for:

  • Subtle Lash Definer
  • Fine Liner
  • Medium Liner
  • Thick Liner or
  • Ultra Thick Liner

Our consultants will help you choose a shade from our permanent eyeliner selection to enhance or compliment your own eye colour. We can apply dark and neutral shades, in either natural or complementary accent colours.

If you would like to find out more about our semi-permanent make-up treatments, the procedures we carry out, or anything else about our services, please call us or use the contact us page on this website. Alternatively, make an appointment with one of our consultants at our clinic, just off George Square in Glasgow city centre.

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