Lip Enhancement (Lip Tattoo)

Lip Enhancement is a popular treatment at City Chic's Glasgow studio.

If you're looking for a subtle improvement to your lips or to restore them to their former full and youthful appearance, consider City Chic Lip Enhancement. Our semi permanent make-up is applied by qualified and experienced permanent make-up consultants to give you an improved lip shape in as little as 90 minutes. This technique will discreetly re-define the natural border of your lips to enhance and perfect your lip shape. Whether you want to even out and smooth your lip shape, or provide the illusion of a fuller, more luscious lip, we can help.

lip enhancement

As we age, the natural pigment of the lip can fade, especially around the outer border of the natural lip line. Refreshing the colour around the lip border can create a look that is instantly more youthful. If your natural lip shape is particularly thin or slightly asymmetrical, we can tailor your treatment to correct this and create the appearance of a smooth, flattering and supple lip shape.

Your permanent make-up consultant will help you to choose a complementary colour, just a shade or two from your own natural skin pigmentation. This will ensure that your lip enhancement is both flattering and natural looking. The effect you will achieve is that of a naturally full lip with a consistently fresh, rosy tint.

City Chic Lip Enhancement can give you:

  • Smudge-proof, kiss-proof and water-proof lasting colour
  • An effortless made-up look every day
  • A versatile look that can transform from day to night with nothing more than a clear lip gloss
  • The illusion of fuller and younger lips.

All too often, people opt for expensive, painful fillers. These procedures can wear off quickly, requiring frequent visits to the clinic, and often do not achieve the desired contour or shape, appearing unnatural and unflattering. Semi permanent lip make-up can help you avoid risky injections and fillers, while still achieving the beautiful lips you desire.

We're sure you'll find that you aren't the only person who finds your lips desirable after City Chic Lip Enhancement! Studies have shown that fuller lips tinted with colour are innate indicators of attractiveness, youth and fertility. After your City Chic semi permanent lip make-up, you'll find that people are drawn to your vibrant new look.

City Chic provides subtle and effective Lip Enhancement from our luxury Glasgow clinic. Conveniently located in near George Square, our clinic offers lip enhancement in the heart of the city. Arrange an appointment with our Lip Enhancement consultants today and see how semi permanent make-up can transform your look.

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